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Millennium Clock Tower

Crypt – small glass panel
slumped & fused graal vessels

Photo National Museums Scotland

The Millennium Clock commissioned by the National Museum of Scotland.

The Millennium Clock Tower is a ten-meter tall kinetic sculpture in wood, metal and glass. A timepiece which contains fragments of the story of the millennium, with its disasters, tragedies, but also its human, scientific and artistic achievements. A creation that talks of love, hate, work, play, humour, despair, life and death.

A collaborative work between:

Annica Sandström & David Kaplan – clock face & glass panels

Tim Stead & Maggy Lenert – wood constructions, illustrations & book

Jurgen Tubbeke – clock mechanisms

Eduard Besudsky & Tatyana Jakovskaya – kinetic sculpture, light & music

LMG Gallery: Commissions, Millennium Clock, Crypt 1

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